Pre-and post-hire evaluations, support, and training services for public safety departments and other safety-sensitive employers.

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The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment

An informative, powerful, and economical online screening tool that helps employers make better hiring decisions

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Evaluations That Extend Beyond Public-Safety

Screening evaluations, post-conditional offer psychological evaluations and post-hire clincial services for human resources, health-care, education, departments of social services, and other safety-sensitive employers.

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Online Screening Evaluations for Safety-Sensitive Employers Nationwide

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment, in addition to personality assessment options, which include a data-driven screening report for employers to best assess candidate history and psychological suitability.

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Post-Hire Evaluations and Support Services

Providing comprehensive psychological and medical services for all safety-sensitive departments.

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Our culturally-aware team of licensed psychologists and advanced practice medical professionals provide ongoing evaluations, training and support to more than 450 safety-sensitive departments. The FMRT Group has seven geographically accessible offices throughout the state and has a nationwide online presence for screening evaluation services, including The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment.

The FMRT Group’s management team, operational staff, and clinicians are dedicated to being your “go to” professionals for any psychological and medical evaluation and service needs during the recruiting process, after hire, and support throughout the employees’ career.

The FMRT Group is the expert when it comes to safety-sensitive psychological and medical standards.

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  • Online NC F-3 or Personal History Statement
  • The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment
  • Screening Evaluations
  • Post-Conditional Offer Psychological Evaluations
  • Post-Conditional Offer Medical Exams and Drug Screens


  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations
  • Return-to-Work Evaluations
  • Promotional Evaluations
  • Special Teams Evaluations
  • Annual Psychological Evaluations
  • Peer Support Evaluations and Implementation


  • Critical Incident Appointments
  • Specialized Trainings
  • Short-Term Counseling
  • Coaching


The FMRT Group is headquartered in Winston-Salem,  NC and has a total of seven North Carolina offices and one South Carolina office. This allows applicants and employees to choose the location that best fits their needs.


The FMRT Group offers online screening evaluations. These evaluations include The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment and non-medical personality assessments. The  screening reports provide a recommendation for progression based on data-driven matrices, developed by a board-certified police and public safety psychologist.

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment – short for Biographical Risks And INconsistencieS – is a nationwide, economical, and self-administered online screening tool that helps safety-sensitive employers make better informed decisions while reducing the risks of hiring problem employees.

No other screening assessment provides more cost-effective insights into the history and mind of a candidate.

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment is most valuably used at the beginning of the hiring process, shortly after initial application for employment, and prior to a background investigation or interview.

what OUR clients say About THE FMRT BRAINS™ ASSESSMENT

"The BRAINS™ Assessment has been a very valuable tool in assisting our (Morrisville PD) background investigators with their job in truly assessing a candidate’s “true” background. In addition, the training provided by the FMRT staff on the BRAINS™ Assessment tool is superb and I highly recommend this assessment to your department!" Chief I. Jones
"The BRAINS™ assessment has been a very valuable tool for our agency (Guilford CSO) in that individuals taking this assessment are required to provide a narrative response as opposed to a drop down box with a selection of answers that usually includes the all too ambiguous response of “other” if none of the selected responses apply. It also makes visible [proprietary information deleted] …that may be indications of the pondering or deliberation of a person in providing an answer." Cpl. C. Netter
"The Jacksonville Police Department has found the BRAINS™ Assessment Tool to be very helpful during background investigations. This tool provides the investigator with some additional insight into the applicant in addition to the usual one on one interview. The Jacksonville Police Department would recommend the BRAINS™ Assessment to any LE agency." Capt. P. Teeter
"We (at the Huntersville PD) have been utilizing the FMRT BRAINS™ program since its conception. It provides us with vital information regarding our applicants as to how they answer their questions. We look at the time it took to answer a question and if the applicant changes their answer before submitting it. In addition we look at the inconsistencies in answers the BRAINS™ program finds. Overall, we are pleased with the information provided to us from the FMRT BRAINS™ program." Sgt. B. Habenicht
"The BRAINS™ Assessment is a great tool that has helped us (Pitt CSO) not only in the background process but also the interview process. The BRAINS™ Assessment gives us good information on an applicant before they even come to our office for an interview." B. Smith, Standards Officer
"The Asheville Police Department's goal is to put highly qualified applicants in our academy to learn the skills needed to serve our citizens as a law enforcement officer. As we all know, not everyone that wishes to be a police officer has the emotional, physical or mental ability to do this job that is so demanding. FMRT has helped us greatly in our efforts to screen our applicants. We have found the reports, especially the BRAINS™, be very reliable and accurate in the information that is provided. The staff has been great and we are pleased." Captain G. Gudac

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