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Looking Forward


The FMRT Group is in its second decade of service. Over the years, our services, clients, and service area have all increased significantly. Even with the loss of our largest client two years ago, FMRT remains a viable growing business. FMRT continues to maximize current employers’ service offerings in the Carolinas and educate state influencers 16 years later. As industry guidelines evolve, other public safety entities, including Fire, EMS, and Sheriffs, look to implement candidates and employee psychological requirements. FMRT is prepared to assist these employers with comprehensive and defensible pre-and post-hire psychological and medical services.

With national incidents involving criminal justice constantly in the news, the expectations, processes, laws, and guidelines are continuously evolving. As the needs of the industry change, FMRT adapts to serve its clients best. FMRT has established itself as the thought leaders in public safety psychology and medicine in the first years of operation. As the innovators in this industry, criminal justice professionals seek guidance from us for psychological and medical best practices. Conversations with legislatures about the importance of best practices and FMRT employing lobbyists have contributed to our knowledge of the state-decision maker’s impact and contributions of clinical requirements. Most criminal justice and public safety decision-makers, including legislators and commissioners, recognize that comprehensive and multi-step psych and medical processes are critical in making good hiring and personnel decisions.

Through our sixteen years of service, we have learned many valuable lessons. There has been a maturation of service concepts, the people, and the operational processes required to build a successful business. As FMRT quickly approaches its 20th anniversary, we realize we must anticipate change, plan for growth, and prepare for success.


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

Clinicians’ Corner

As of March 1, North Carolina has become the 15th state to enact PSYPACT. 

PSYPACT is an interstate compact designed to allow licensed psychologists to practice telepsychology and in-person evaluations across state boundaries legally and ethically. Psychologists can practice in other recognized PSYPACT states without having to obtain that specific state’s license. PSYPACT is beneficial in several ways, including its benefit for FMRT growth opportunities in other states.

For those interested in this opportunity, please begin the process of obtaining your PSYPACT passport. Dr. Warren is currently in the process if you have any questions. drwarren@fmrt.org

FMRT Updates

Staff Spotlight

Jennifer Beauchamp, our beloved COO, truly exemplifies what it means to be solution-oriented. Jennifer strives to solve any issues that FMRT may face. Whether creating procedures for new processes or breaking down data for the team, she is dedicated to solving problems and getting things done. Jennifer is not only concerned with just fixing the issue; she works tirelessly to get to the core of the problem and make sure there isn’t a better way of doing things. Thank you, Jennifer, for all the hard work you do for us!

Let’s Celebrate #535!

We are excited to welcome our newest clients: Kure Beach Police, Ranlo Police, Hickory Fire, Cornelius Fire, and Seneca Police. Thank you for everyone’s continued efforts in growing FMRT and providing our clients with exceptional service!

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