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Professionalism and Customer Service – What sets FMRT Apart


At FMRT, professionalism is a core value applied every day through telephone calls, emails, and in-person interactions before and during evaluations. We want our employers to have positive experiences, including their applicants and employees, since they may be future decision-makers. Whether the findings are suitable or not, they should feel supported and heard throughout the process.

Our comprehensive evaluations, level of professionalism, and customer service – from the time of referral through the delivery of reports is what sets us apart from the competition. The feedback we receive from employer and applicant surveys informs us of our friendliness and overall experience with the process, staff, and clinicians. We accept critical feedback and make necessary improvements where we can, which is why we maintain long-lasting relationships amongst public safety professionals. We all contribute, and I thank you for continuing to do your part, which helps bolster our expertise and reputation within the industry.  Here are a few tips for maintaining a high level of professionalism at FMRT.

Make the Employer, Candidate, and Employee Feel Valued and Appreciated

  • An employer may never have used us before and may be overwhelmed with the information, which is an opportunity to listen, show patience, and educate them on best practices without inundating them with too much knowledge at the onset.
  • In the examinee case, they most likely have a level of anxiety and apprehension about a psychological or medical evaluation, which is an opportunity for staff and examiners to be friendly and informative, helping put them at ease. Whether showing them where to get coffee or the bathroom location to answering their questions about their appointment, this contributes to a positive experience.

Put Your Interpersonal Skills to the Test
Because we are all different, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for communicating. People have different backgrounds, personalities, and cultural differences that impact how they communicate.

  • Adjust your verbal and nonverbal practices to help ensure the person you’re working with understands, reducing misinterpretation or confusion.
  • Ask if the employer or examinee has questions or concerns.
  • Inquire if they have any immediate thoughts or feedback about their experience.

Be Empathetic
According to Psychology Today, empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and share another person’s thoughts and feelings. Developing empathy is critical in a business like ours to establish and maintain relationships. Learning to listen and recognize their perspective helps us connect to help—empathy aids in experiential satisfaction, and we’re all contributing pieces!


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

Clinicians’ Corner

Welcome our two newest team members, Dow Stick, NP-C, and Laura Stewart, Psy.D.

Dow Stick, NP-C
Originally from Pennsylvania, Dow has lived in western NC since 2006. She received her nursing and medical training in NC and TN, at Watts School of Nursing in Durham and ETSU in Johnson City. As a family NP-C, she has worked in the Asheville area in primary care, geriatrics, addiction medicine, and hospice and palliative care. Dow currently lives with her spouse in Black Mountain, NC. In her free time, Dow enjoys flower gardening, hiking with her hounds, reading fiction, and journaling in her downtime. Dow writes, “I’m glad to be part of FMRT and serving the community in this new position.” Welcome, Dow!

Laura Stewart, Psy.D.
Dr. Stewart recently relocated to the triad from central Pennsylvania. Before moving here, she worked at a state psychiatric hospital and was also a staff psychologist at a federal prison – FCC Allenwood. She earned her Psy.D. from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Stewart has family in Asheville and she’s wanted to move to NC for quite some time. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her cat, and attending CrossFit classes. She also enjoys hiking, running, and traveling whenever she gets the opportunity. We’re happy to have her join FMRT’s clinical team!

FMRT Updates

Staff Spotlight

Jordyn Whitted, our Marketing Assistant and previous intern, demonstrates our core value of the month, which is positivity. She accepts tasks with a smile and takes the initiative to learn without direction, which has helped with efficiency within our marketing platforms. We are impressed by her ability to manage college and work with a level of optimism that we all should aspire to have. Thank you, Jordyn, for the contributions you bring to FMRT!

Let’s Celebrate #530!

We are excited to welcome our newest clients: Richlands Police Department in North Carolina and Western Carolina University Police. Thank you for everyone’s continued efforts in growing FMRT and providing our clients with exceptional service!

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