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Happy Holidays

Our offices will be closed 12/20-12/24/21 to provide a well-deserved holiday break for our clinical and client support teams. Management will check emails periodically, and if there is an urgent matter during this time, please email our Director of Operations, Holly Lloyd. Holly@fmrt.org

We Hope Everyone Had a Great Fourth of July


We hope everyone had a great fourth of July and is enjoying the summer months. It was not only a well-deserved day off work but a chance to showcase our patriotism for our beautiful country. Thank you to those that serve(d) and past loved ones that fought for our independence. 

National Minority Mental Health Month 

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each July, bringing awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for racial and ethnic minority groups to access mental health and treatment services.

Throughout the month, the Office of Minority Health (OMH) will focus on promoting tools and resources to help. They also encourage community-based organizations and state and local leaders to educate their communities about mental health to help overcome these stigmas. 

Visit the National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month for shareable social media messages, downloadable graphics, and health resources. Follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and sign up for OMH newsletters and additional updates. OR Check out the OMH Knowledge Center online catalog for publications and resources highlighting the importance of spreading awareness and helping dissipate mental health stigma in minority communities.

Important Info Reminder:
IACP 2022 Annual Conference for Psych and Medical – Dallas, TX
International Chiefs of Police Conference, October 15-18. Visit the IACP conference website to learn more:

We encourage FMRT Psychologists and APMPs to attend at least one of these training sessions annually.


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

Clinicians Corner

Inquiries about Wonderlic Scores for Pre-Employment Evaluations

I am seeing applicants today with Wonderlic scores of four, zero, and one, respectively. At what point do you indicate that someone’s intellect is disqualifying? In other words, what specific criteria should I consider when reaching this opinion versus a suitable but weak option?

Wonderlic Q&A_07-2022

Check FMRT Online for Your Schedule:

We’d like to remind everyone to periodically check their schedules on FMRT Online, especially the day before an operational day, to see if there are any last-minute changes.  

FMRT staff will continue to send emails as a courtesy; however, we ask that you not solely rely upon this correspondence – if you don’t receive an email with your schedule due to some sort of glitch, it does not mean there are no appointments.

Best Way to Send a Verbal:
“Reply All” to the schedule email and add the verbal beside each appointment name. 

Sign up for RingCentral:
Our preferred method of in-office communication is no longer Skype. We ask that everyone sign up for RingCentral. If you have any questions about the previous email from Holly, please reach out to her. 

Welcome New Clinician:
Dr. Aaron Miller

Dr. Aaron Miller is a South Carolina licensed Clinical Psychologist with experience and education in psycholegal issues. He obtained his doctorate and law degrees simultaneously, with an emphasis on forensic mental health evaluations that utilize various tools and techniques for the purpose of addressing psychological issues that may impact an individual’s legal matters. He has served as a sentencing mitigation specialist in criminal defense cases, has conducted risk and competency assessments with criminal offenders, including sex offenders and has performed evaluations within the Family Court and personal injury realm for a variety of referral questions. He has published on topics investigation of the neuropsychological characteristics of domestic violence offenders, forensic research as it relates to the psychology and law interface, and treatment of PTSD within the Veteran population. 

Dr. Miller graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Charleston Consortium Internship and conducted his psychological postdoctoral hours at MUSC’s Center for Assessment and Psychological Services. In addition to his forensic and clinical assessment expertise, Dr. Miller also has extensive experience treating children, adolescents, and adults across varying diagnostic profiles using empirically supported treatment modalities. He resides in Charleston, SC with his family.

FMRT Updates

FMRT’s Travel Schedule for the Summer Months:


  • SC Sheriffs’ Association in Myrtle Beach
  • Peer Support Orientation in Durham
  • NC Sheriffs’ Association in Asheville
  • NC Police Executive’s Association in Wilmington
  • Quarterly Peer Support Training in Durham
  • NC School Directors’ Association in Greensboro
  • SC Chiefs’ Conference

We Want Your Feedback

Creative and innovative employees help to keep our organization moving forward and ever-improving. Creative thinkers question the status quo and look for ways to improve long-standing practices and procedures. These two individuals showed their creative side this month:

  • Amanda Hopkins, Director of Client Support
  • Dr. Chris Baker, Psychologist
Thank you for your ideas and for thinking outside of the box. You both have a special something coming your way to show our appreciation!

Let’s GO! 608 Clients and Counting

  • NC Agencies to include: Vectrus, Precision Special Police, Guilford County EMS, Hyde County Sheriff’s Office, Perquimans County Sheriff’s Office, and Wilson County Communications Center.
  • SC Agencies to include: North Myrtle Beach and Mullins Police Departments.

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